10th December - Aussie Authors Advent - Tilly written by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

It's a shame I no longer have anyone little enough to buy this picture book for because I love the whole story behind 'Tilly'. It is based on Jane Godwin's sibling Cait who had a secret hiding place for her most special treasures. It reveals something of the secret inner life of kids, how sometimes maybe our secrets keep us anchored, and how losing our most precious treasures does not necessarily mean they are lost, or indeed, we are lost. As a child I was known for collecting 'bits and bobs'; I wasn't quite so selective, or ingenious about treasuring them, but I do remember that feeling of loss when they were removed without my permission. This story really resonated with me!

Added to which, the illustrations are totally captivating. I love Anna Walker's illustrations and in 'Tilly' she has done another fabulous job of visually portraying the childish sense of wonder and tenderness. If only I had someone little to buy this for ...

On Jane Godwin's website she explains her reasons for writing this beautiful story:

''When you’re a writer, there are lots of anecdotes and memories and observations that you think that could be the beginning of a story. The ones that stick are those that say more than what they appear to say on the surface, that resonate in some way. When Cait told me about the step, I thought while being a story about a little girl who lost her special things, it was also a story about grief, about loss, about the way we can hold on to and embody what is special to us long after it’s gone. And it felt to me that is was also a story about a child’s inner life, an aspect of themselves that they didn’t want to share, the beginning of a creative life maybe, and how every child has a right to an inner life.'

You can find out more about this talented duo on their websites:

Jane Godwin

Anna Walker





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