11th December - Aussie Author Advent - Wildflower Ridge by Maya Linnell

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Sometimes it makes sense to wear your heart on your book sleeve, never more so than when the Australian landscape is ablaze and so many people suffering from the fall out. Now might be just the time to pick up 'Wildflower Ridge'. Written by ruro journo, Maya Linnell, this is her debut novel and was a popular suggestion of several fellow romance writers. Maya is a new voice in Australian rural romance and perhaps her writing has struck a resounding chord with so many readers because it is clear she writes both from experience and 'straight from the heart'.

Described on Goodreads as: 'A book of love, life, friendship, community and hard yakka, WildflowerRidge is a wonderful introductory novel from an emerging writer. At the heart of Wildflower Ridge is Penny McIntyre, an enterprising young woman who has carved out a successful career in the city, which is far removed from her upbringing and former life in the country.'

Maya herself explains ''...the characters, settings and events [were] framed by the people I've been lucky enough to know, the beautiful country towns I've called home and stories I covered as a rural journalist.'

A country 'gal' with a penchant for baking, gardening and farming, you can read more about Maya on her website: https://www.mayalinnell.com

I've met Maya a couple of times and she's always friendly, warm-hearted and enthusiastic. This actually comes across in her writing. It's a bit like being given a literary hug!

Wildflower RIdge strikes me as the sort of authentic novel that responds to an inner yearning so many us feel - to return to our roots and reassess our core values. If we can't physically commit to that, sometimes a bit of indulgent escapism with a feel-good read like Wildflower Ridge is the second best medicine.






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