16th December - Aussie Authors Advent - The Nancys by R.W.R. McDonald

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Tickled pink by this murder mystery romp! Although this is not a kids novel, it nevertheless took me back to my childhood when I was addicted to stories in which an unlikely band of children solved the murder mystery. Full of fun and humour, the Nancys is set in small town New Zealand, and the unlikely band of investigators are eleven-year-old Tippy Chan, her hairdresser uncle, Pike, and his fashion designer boyfriend, Devon (who are probably the bigger kids in the story). Tippy's mother is off on a well-deserved cruise, and asks her brother to take care of Tippy while she is away. All might have been fun and games, were it not for the fact that Tippy's best friend falls from a bridge and ends up in a coma, and then her teacher is murdered. Like the Nancy Drew fans the three of them are, left to their own devices, Tippy, PIke and Devon cannot resist poking around trying to uncover what has happened, all while not letting Tippy's mother cotton on to what they are up to. This is murder and mayhem, laughter and love, perfectly wrapped with a large pink bow.

Fiona Hardy, crime reviewer for Readings, summed up this novel:

'The Nancys is a cheerfully scattered tale of bad interior design, beauty pageants gone haywire, and haphazard but smart investigation all tied together in a saucy Phryne Fisher-esque package in which love and the families you make are everything.'






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