19th December - Aussie Authors Advent - Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean by Rebecca Fraser

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

This was my son's choice. He really enjoyed this adventure, fantasy set in the fictitious town of Midnight Cove, in coastal Queensland. Thirteen-year-old Curtis Creed’s world has reached rock bottom.  Once a talented surfer with great potential, he is now struggling to come to terms with his fear of the ocean. Not helped by his brother, Dylan's, goading comments, he is also at a loss after his father's death from a fishing accident. Summer and holidays hold little appeal, until he meets Navaya, a mysterious sea creature he rescued while fishing in a rock pool. Unfortunately, the somewhat geeky new girl in town, Morgan, has followed him ... In their quest to find a magical key the trio are pitted against hideous, flesh-eating sea serpents - just the sort of gruesome danger that will keep a young reader turning the pages.

Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean is Rebecca Fraser's first novel, however, her writing has also appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines and journals. As well as writing children's fiction, Rebecca has a penchant for horror fiction. Living on the Mornington Peninsula, she has developed a reputation for nurturing other Australian authors' aspirations through her Storycraft Creative Writing Workshops. You can find out more information about her from her website.






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