4th December - Emma Viskic - taking on the USA

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Love Emma Viskic's Caleb Zelic series and can't wait to read 'Darkness for Light'. If you enjoy crime writing (which I do) you really shouldn't look beyond the Australian authors. Australian crime writers are at the top of their game and being 4th December made me think of Emma and her crime-writing accomplices - Emma Viskic, Sulari Gentil, Robert Gott and Jock Serong - who recently took 'Noir Down Under' to America #writersontherun I would have loved to have been able to joint out the places they visited on tour. I gave Emma Viskic's 'Resurrection Bay' a 5 star review back in 2018 on Goodreads and I've been following her progressive's ever since..

This is what I wrote in 2018: It is little wonder that Emma Viskic has received such critical acclaim for this debut novel, winning three Davitt awards and the 2016 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction. The plot was gripping from the outset and its central protagonist, Caleb Zelic, a man on the edge, struggling against the odds to find out what has happened to his childhood friend and work colleague Gary, desperately missing what he's shared and lost with his ex-wife Kat. Caleb himself is profoundly deaf and seems to be surrounded by friends and family who are equally challenged, some by drug and alcohol addiction, others by their own internal demons. In this highly packed, tightly woven plot, the stakes were always high, but with Caleb's hearing difficulties and the fragility of his relationships with fellow investigator Frankie, his brother and ex-wife, the stakes shoot through the roof.

Resurrection Bay is a great read which I would not hesitate to recommend. I am already looking forward to reading another crime busting masterpiece in Viskic's next novel, 'And Fire Came Down'. Big thanks and enormous respect to Emma Viskic!


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