8th December - Aussie Author Advent

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

This is my local and beloved bookshop's recommendation. I'm not someone who reads many memoirs, but after listening to Eleesa at Farrell's in Mornington wax lyrical about how much she was loving 'Your Own Kind of Girl' by Clare Bowditch, I'm itching to get my paws on a copy as well. As well as being recommended by Farrell's, it has recently been long listed on the Indie Book Awards (Established in 2008 with the aim of creating a unique award recognising and rewarding the best Australian writing as chosen by Australian Independent Booksellers) which is an invaluable 'go-to' for book recommendations.

There's a lot of love going around for 'Your Own Kind of Girl' in the literary world right now, so you might need to be quick to scoop up your copy. Booktopia had to get Clare back for a second signing, Dymocks listed 'Your Own Kind of Girl' as their book of the month, and Marie Claire magazine declared, 'Clare Bowditch has the secret to living a big, bold life.'

Musician, actor, radio presenter, business entrepreneur and now writer, is there anything this woman cannot do? I'm in awe and also intrigued. I'd love to know how she's done it.

Here are a couple of review comments that whet my appetite:

Jamila Rizvi describes 'Your Own Kind of Girl' as, 'An affirmation of being. A toast to the rollercoaster of life. It is a love letter to the girls and women who struggle

with every meal and for whom what they see in the mirror will never be good enough. A reminder that life is what happens when you are not paying attention.'

I particularly loved this twitter comment from @HallworthAlison 'Okay. This book. This book is splendid. It's uncomfortable. It is glorious And it contains the words that will feature in my next tattoo because by Colin IT SPOKE TO ME.' Tattoos notwithstanding, by Colin, that is the sort of review that wants me to dash out and buy it.






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