The Fragments by Toni Jordan

This was a wonderful start to my reading in 2019. The Fragments is a beautiful written and evocative story about a young woman's friendship with an acclaimed, but reclusive, author in 1930s, and the determination of bookseller, Caddie Walker, to find out what happened to her. Events unfold in two timelines and finally converge when the truth behind a tragic fire in 1939 is revealed.

So much of the writing resonated for me. I read several parts many times, simply to absorb the finely crafted and nuanced writing. The plot pulls you into the story and you can't helping wanting to know what has really happened and whether Caddie will be successful in her quest. You feel both the sweetness and the sorrow that the characters experience, and you empathise with them every step of the way.

I would have no hesitation recommending this novel to family and friends. It would appeal to broad audience. Bravo and thanks to Toni Jordan!

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