The Road to Winter by Mark Smith

I nabbed this from my daughter's book collection because I'd heard great things about it and it seemed prescient considering the current Corona virus-induced social dislocation. It's also on the Australian curriculum and (although Mark Smith didn't quite predict the loo paper frenzy) in other ways this novel is both a gripping adventure story, but has much to tell us about how people behave when the social fabric disintegrates. It was both disturbing and heartening to read a story of teenagers showing grit, courage and compassion. I was hoping to pick up a few survival tips myself ... sadly I think I'd be a goner as I'm not about to dive for abalone or skin a rabbit - maybe one of my teenage kids could be persuaded! Mark Smith has written a compelling story which shines a light on troubled times. It helped to remind me that in the midst of chaos and crap, a lot of kindness and humanity can prevail. This is the first in a trilogy and is a great one to read through the isolation doldrums! 5*








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